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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 11PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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bring on spring, with earthgro mulch four bags ofofuaranteed color, just $10. the home depot. more saving. more doing. live. the one and only now. it's the moment that was years in the making. president obama visiting cubaba the first president to do so in nearly 90 years. he was joined by most of the first family. they made thr way to a hotel near the u.s. embassy. the president took a moment to mark theh occasion. there is hope this will begin a new a. there was controversy before the president arrived in cuba hours before the government crack down. several members were arrested. the president's first moment in cuba. they were kwooit busy. >> he won't be slowing down. he has quite the packed
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coverage of this historic visit. let's begin with our colleague live. calvin? >>reporter: the u.s. a cuban governments are writing a new chapter to the long and complicated history. the new era begin today when air force one touched down after 4:00. it's a day so many on the island and so many back at hoement thought they would never live too see. >> back in 1928, the president came on a battle ship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. >>reporter: history in the sky. for the first time in 88 years an american president arrives in cuba. this afternoon air force one touching down at the airport as president obaaa begins his journey in cuba. the president arrived to c,oudy conditions and pouring rain, walking off the plane holding
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fqrst lady michelle, joined also by his daughters and his monl. they were greeted by the top foreign minster and other dignitaries and given flowers. the president bringing along a delegation that. the president shaking hands before getting in to his limo, that has been called "the beast." the president and his motorkad left the airport. the president was planning go to the u.s. embassy to talk with staff members and there was a crowd of supporters waiting to meet him. >> >> i'm glad you had a chance to bring your families her i always like taking pictures with kids. that's the future we hop for. young american children, young cuban children by the time they're adults our
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that a u.s. president should be% visiting cuba. >>reporter: the president talked with embassy workers at the hotel. the president not letting the rain put a damper on his tour. you can see the president and his daughters take a walk through a favorite tourist destination. crowds cheered for president obama. the reaction of vast difference to decades of relations between the two nations. the president waving several times before making his way in to the white stoned cathedral, where he met with the cardinal. after touring the museum and cathedral, local ten watching the president on the move. the first family had dinner before heading to the chief of missions residence for the night. >> we've got a lot of crowd americans here, but also a lot
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>> (cheering). >>reporter: it is a family-operated business here. it is a grong part of cuba's private sector. it appears even dinner is sending a message -- from the president ring his two days on the island. there was a major story happening today, even before the president arrived. my colleague was on top of the story. it is members of the "ladies in white" they weree arrested in front of a church you just got off the phone with the leader. >> that's pright. i just spoke to -- she said she is comfortably resting at home, was released at around 9:00 this evening. i asked her about one of the men arrested. he is also out of jail and has an injured finger, but are all okay. it all started with a
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really quickly. >>reporter: hours before president obama arrives in cuba, women are dragged and others screaming at each other in what some argue was all carefully orchestrated. >> (chanting) >>reporter: supporters out of nowhere show up. she said these people are paid by the imperialist government, meaning america. >> antiof castro protesters get rowdy in the neighborhood. it didn't start this way. this is what they do every sunday, a peacefef march by "ladies in white" and others after attending mass at the catholic church on palm sunday. the leader s st a message to the world that there are women who
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president obama. -- they free political prisoners. >> (speaking another language" >>reporter: he said it's been 45 violent sundays. one thing is clear, though. both will be look forward to the the president's speech, which is on tuesday morning. >> tuesday morning. let's talk about tomorrow. the president's day begins with wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial outside. that begins after 10:00 and his day will end with a steak dinner at the revolutionary palace. we have you covered every step of the way. it will be about an 11-hour day. on tuesday he has that big speech you talked
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course, the baseball game. the tampa bay rays against the@ cuban national baseball team. they're tied 1-1 in terms of victories. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> i have one question for you. we believe he was invited with the president to meet with him. there was talk she may not attend. i know you had the opportunity to speak with her. what did she tell you? >> at this point, she is not really saying what she's going to do. we know she -- both likely have been folks who havee been invited by the white house to visit with the president. she hasn't said. i don't think she's made up her mind yet. it will be interesting not only to see what she decides, but to see whether they're allowed to leave their homes. typically they're arrested before they get to tse events.
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of those meeting with the president. we expect another list to come out confirming who they are perhaps after the meeting, if not right before the meeting. >> nothing is official until it happens tomorrow. we have you both there. the community is visibly unhappy with the president's presence. several turned out withh signs and voiced their disagreement. we heard from a younger generation of cuban-americans open to change. >> it's time to stop this. it's over and done with. let's reunite. open the embargo. lift the embargo. that's it. >> >> protesters will be back again tomorrow for a larger demonstration and more are planned for the rest of the president's trip to havana.
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boater has disappeared and the coast guard is trying to find him. local ten news reporter is live wh this story. >>porter: we are learning the name of the missing man. his name is paul flowers. he is 31 years old. he is from new york city. it's unclear if he was viting or what he was doing on the water. it appears that he was with a group of friends. you can seefwc and several other agencies still here on the scene. if we pan over to the right a little, that is one the boats involved in this incident. a group of 16 friends set out for fun on the water this afternoon, renting these two boats. things took a turnor the unthinkable when one of the boats got stuck. >> the the people on the vessels were inexperienced, so they panicked and decided to start pulling anchor. the other vessel was stuck and couldn't move.
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jumped in the water to help dislodge the other boat, oy to find themselves in disstress. >> the wind started getting worse and the current got worse. at that time, one of the vessese returned and through a rope that was able to get one of the persons back on the vessel. >> t other never made it. >>reporter: they couldn't see him anymore and they lost him. >>reporter: the coast guard and several other agencies assisting in tonight's search for the missing man. >> crews have been comino in and out on the water searching for this man. they expect this search to last well through the night, maybe in to the morning. we know he does know how to swim, but did not have any type of life jacket on. local ten >> thank you. also tonight, a house party turns tragic. police say 400 people were packed in to a home when gunfire broke out. one person died. local ten news reporter is working this story
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>>reporter: first an update on theour people brought here to broward health. we're working to get their identities, as well as an update on their condition.n. meanwhile, we're learning more about the 28-year old man who lost his life during this shooting. we're told by two of the people who knew him best that he was a musician and a father and the last person you would ever expect to die this way. >> he wanted to be known as a musician firstnd foremost. he was about uch uplifting everyone around him. >>repoer: the 28-year old aspiring hip-hop artist was shot and killed. >> excuse my voice. i'm a little choked up. that was my good homey, man. >>reporter: police say it haened here in plantation. online flyers went out,
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house. police first arrived at 11:30 p.m. as a result of a noise complaint and were still outside when shots were fireed inside the house. cell phone video shows a girl walking out covered in someone else's blood. in the end, five people were hit by bullets. three females and one male were rushed to the hospital. he died at the scene. he leaves behind a onyear old son. >> he was a musician. he was a good guy. he was a father. >>reporter: it seems some of the partiers were teenagers. >> i was in the bed and they said there was a shooting at the party. >>reporter: hour camas caught parents coming by to pick up vehicles left behind. he said his daughters would be okay. . sadly, these friends can't say the same and have a message life. >> be a man. are you a man? stand up for what you did was
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on purpose then you know you got karma coming to you. >>reporter: we did reach out to the homeownwr and have not heard back. the person who pulled therigger and killed him is still on the run. if sou have any information about who did this -- who put these four people in the hospital and who took the life of a 28-year old man, you're urged to give police a call. live in ft. lauderdale, local ten news. the university of miami is mourning the loss of one of its students who died after a night at the music festival. an official cause of death hasn't been released. it appears the 21-year old died of complications from a seizure. he was there on friday night when staffers noticed he was in ne of medical attention. >> whenever anyone ds everyone has amazing things to say about him. you c't
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he had on so many people. his positive personality did enhance everyone's life. >>reporter: students plano hold a vigil later this week. his funeral is set for tuesday in virginia. 18 cuban migrants are covering after being rescued off the coast of florida. a royal caribbean cruiseship found the boatnd is taking them to its next stop in mexico. nine other migrants did not survive. they were extremely dehydrated after being at sea for 22 days. a man sped away o the road to record them with a gopro. he w w on his bicycle going 72 miles an hour in a 45 and illegally passing several cars. the sheriff said he sped off when he tried to pull him over, butte was eventually stopped. a scary sigig at a school. this video just released over
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hear how big this gator is. trouble on the trump campaign. t t campaign manager under fire for allegedly gettingghysical with a protester. the weekend is over and it was a hot one. big changes coming tomorrow that. upupdate
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jazz in the gardens coming to a close. it wrapped up its 11th year with big names and big crowds. the festival capped off its run with a final act by usher. >> >> (unintelligible). so many local talent. if you you missed the music and
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next year. the music was fun and people were having a good time, but you know they were hot and sweaty, weren't they? >> that's been the theme. the winter music conference continueue in to next week. it's been whatever kind of music you like. >> they're going to get a little of everything. >> you know how spring started today? get ready to enjoy spring for abobo two days. we've got changes coming. right now it's 73 degrees. w w that significant? tomorrow's high will be right around 70. we're going to see the temperatures drop overnight and struggle to climb tomorrow afternoon. we're waiting for a frontal system to pass through florida. we've got showers -- a few showers south of lake -- heavy rain moving along thehe overseas highway. a couple of
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out west. we're not quite done yet. you can see showers continuing to stream through. there's more back off in to the southeastern parts of the gulf. today we watched the president land in havana. the storms came through and lasted for a bit. it is beginning to dry out on the northern shower of cuba. today we madet up to 86. our normal is 81. it's going to take a few days to get back in to the 80s across town. 74, marathon. winds will shift more out of the northwest. we could see clouds around sunrise. as it does so, the temperatures are going to struggle to climb. here's the front. as it passes through in the early hours tomorrow, there's that northwest wind between 25 and 25 miles an hour. not only is it going to be cooler temperature wise, but the breeze will make it full
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pressure over the southeast continues to move off inur direction. the storm system pulls north of bermuda. that's going to bring the clear skies across the panhandle right in our direction. snow here up around new england from new york to vermont and new hampshire. a little snow there along the tennessee border. tomorrow at the beach not quite as hot. northwest wind 20 to 25. if you are taking the boat out with the winds picking up, small-craft vez ree. coastline more 6 to 10. here's what it looks like. 56 on tuesday. look at the big changes. in the upper 80s by next@ weekend. >> we might get to wear sweaters again. >> all right. still ahead, a gator invader at a school. cameras
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reptile had to be removed. wait until you hear how big that guy is. we've still got closures in place throughout the morning. northbound lanes reduced to two lanes and our soubound lanes rerouted to southeast 1st street these closures in place between northeast 4th street and second avenue. delays in place until 6:00 a.m.
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. the largest male python ever documented in southern florida has been captured. more than 40 have been rounded up. this latest snake was 16-feet long, weighing 140 popods. some of the captured pythons are being used to teach people about the species. they're being tagged with radio trackers. they're being called "snitch snakes" because hey can lead researchers to where others are living.` this one popped up thursday. staff and students were amazed to see such a large alligator roaming around on campus. they kept the angry reptile in one spot until a
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campaign. the gop frontrunner's top staffer facing criticismver a physical altercation with a protester. the donald is coming to his defense. >> the police were a little lax and he had signs they had signs up that were horrendous that i cannot say what they said on the sign. when signs are lifted with tremendous profanity on them, the worst profanity and you have television cameras a over the place and people see these signs, i think those people have some blame. >> the incident was captured at a rally. it appears to show his campaign manager grabbing a protester's collar as security escorts them out. this isn't the first time he has gotten physical. a reporter said he nked her by the arm earlier this month. in that case, the reporter pressed charges. a sheriff's deputy is dead tonit. another is injured
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officers were serving a warrant at a home when a person inside opened fire, killing one officer. the other was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. after an hour's long standoff withhe swat team, that suspect was also found dead inside. >> i'm pulling in to my lot and the cop said, "get out now." i followed suit. it's scary. it is. you never know. you never know, you know? here i am talking to this guy two weeks ago waving at him. >> the suspect was wanted for drug possession. it's unclear if he died as a result of a gunfire or took his own life.
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